Thursday, February 5, 2015

NYC DOH: Williamsburg Fire Poses No Immediate Health Risk

Demetrius Freeman/Mayoral Photography Office
Some Williamsburg residents are expressing concern about the lingering health effects of Saturday's massive, 7-alarm fire.

But NYC's Dept of Health said on Thursday that the fire posed no immediate health risk.

“We understand that people in and around Williamsburg are concerned about the air quality following the fire, but there is no immediate health risk to the residents,” a DOH spokesperson told the Brooklyn Eagle. “As with any fire, air quality is expected to be affected, and people, especially seniors, children and those with respiratory conditions, should avoid smoke exposure.”

More at: De Blasio visits site of massive Williamsburg blaze, as residents worry about health effects

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Anonymous said...

did you know that LICH records were stored in the warehouse? Burnt to a crisp. Wonder if someone was trying to hide something

Anonymous said...

Just can't bear the think about it....