Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Brooklyn's City Tech -- It's Not a Tower, It's a Complex!

More information is trickling out about the planned City Tech tower(s) on Jay Street at Tillary. As reported in the Brooklyn Eagle, it turns out that there are more buildings involved than previously reported:

"Details are emerging about what is now known as a 'complex of buildings' being planned for the corner of Tillary and Jay streets in Downtown Brooklyn — currently the site of New York City College of Technology’s (City Tech’s) Klitgord Auditorium.

"City Tech spokesperson Michele Forsten told the Brooklyn Eagle that the college, in partnership with Forest City Ratner, is building not one, not two but five connecting buildings in the one block fronting Jay Street."

“The two towers will be residential,” Forsten told the Eagle. “The three others will contain college classrooms and offices, an underground theater and a gymnasium.”

More about the City Tech complex here.

This article was updated here.

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Photo of the existing Klitgord Auditorium by MK Metz

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