Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Reasons to Love New York

New York Magazine lists 124 reasons to love New York. Here are a few:

    * Because We Could Actually Hit the 2008 Election Trifecta

    * Because Broadway Is Back

    * Because We Proudly Harbor Illegal Immigrants

    * Because Your Foot Can Make You Famous

    * Because Philip. Seymour. Hoffman.

    * Because the Yankees are the New Red Sox

    * Because Brangelina Is Gone

    * Because Rupert Murdoch Thinks Newspapers Are a Growth Business

    * Because We're Finding Out Who's Worth Their Paychecks on Wall Street

    * Because We Shed Our Skin Like Lizards

    * Because You Can Find Love Underground

    * Because the UES Isn't Interested in Being Cool

    * Because of the Retro Glamour of 'Mad Men'

    * Because We’re Not Afraid of Frying

    All reasons to love New York here.

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