Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Round-the-Clock Accidents on The Brooklyn Queens Expressway

The BQE -- Brooklyn-Queens Expressway -- has some extremely dangerous on-ramps. The BQE Watch blog has been chronicling the accidents that occur at one particular on-ramp, the one for west-bound traffic just north of Congress Street, since August.

"Frequently there are ambulances, police cars, and, worst of all, distraught people emerging from automobiles," says Werner Cohn, who industriously shoots photos of the carnage from his window. Cohn has also filed a FOIL request (Freedom of Information Law) about the number of accidents and other details at this on-ramp and a few others.

A stroll through his blog is a daily march through a driver's nightmare -- smashed cars, blinking lights, ambulances. Cohn points out that he doesn't monitor this spot 24/7. The photos on his blog are those he just happened to see when he glanced out his window.

Blog here.

Photo courtesy of BQE Watch blog.

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