Monday, December 10, 2007

Santa in the Perfect Paws Window, Brooklyn Heights

Perfect Paws on Hicks Street always does their window display up big time. Looks like St. Nick himself in there.

- Effeminate Brooklyn Dog Has Two Daddies

Photo by MK Metz


Anonymous said...

I would like people to know about this so called Perfect Paws Dog Groomer. I was taking my dog there everytime the dog came back the front hair on her face was always chopped I gave it the benefit of the doubt because I thought she moved but today was the last straw. I get a call from the groomer stating the dog was matted on her legs that the cost would be additional to remove the knots I gave them permission to do it but asked what the cost will be they didn't know. I didn;t want to get hit with a tremendous bill when I got there. They hung up on us twice and they told us to pick up the dog. I proceeded to take the dog to another groomer and was told by them that the dog was not matted on her legs. So my question is why did they tell me that. To rob us of additional monies. I don't know who is writing their reviews but it has to be the owner. I had heard some comments about this place but I thought I would check it out myself well I should have listened. My dog would not have been sent out of the store wet and shivering. It is not about the dog but the money and how much they can rob you out of

mcbrooklyn said...

That sounds out of character. We've never had a dog groomed there but have shopped there occasionally for other items. The service has been good and the folks working there have usually been friendly and attentive. Guess everyone had a bad day sometimes.