Thursday, December 13, 2007

Saving Officer's Row For Only $20 Million?

Why is preservation of an asset for future generations less important than building a supermarket parking lot, especially when some thoughtful planning and architecture could achieve both goals?

The Gowanus Lounge asks this thoughtful question about the rush to demolish Officer's Row at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The report that was delivered to a public meeting about Officer's Row on Tuesday night said that the buildings can be saved, and put the cost at about $20 million -- a mere pittance in these days of $10 million dollar row houses.

But as reported in the Brooklyn Eagle, Andrew Kimball, president of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation, said he thinks the number is much higher, and doesn’t want the property if the homes must be restored. “Whether it’s $18 million, $30 million or $50 million, the question is who’s going to pay for it?" he asked.

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Illustration courtesy of The Brooklyn Navy Yard -- From Harper's New Monthly Magazine, December, 1870

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Prof. Harold Hill said...

and what exactly will we do with these restored buildings? Make some pokey little museum with a few nicknacks quarded by bored parks dept. employees.