Monday, February 25, 2008

Comfort Inn 'Brooklyn Bridge' Just Got Cheaper

Wow, that's cheap! A night at the "Comfort Inn Brooklyn Bridge" on Butler Street (near 3rd Avenue) is going for just $129 U.S. (That's before various discounts.) When we last checked, the official price ranged from $159-$319.

The hotel's location is generously listed on as "City Centre." This description also appears on various web sites: "The Comfort Inn Brooklyn Bridge is ideally located between the trendy Cobble Hill and Park Slope neighborhoods of Brooklyn."

Note that it's also located between trendy Vancouver, Canada and super hip Sydney, Australia.

If you decide to visit, don't miss the comments on One correspondent put it rather blandly: "The location is not exactly as described."

On the other hand, rates for the same nights range from $319 - $519 at the Brooklyn Marriott (that's the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge.) So if you're a hardy individual (it's only seven blocks to the Atlantic Avenue subway stop) with a sense of adventure and an appreciation for the industrial side of life, you could save yourself a few bucks!

New York Magazine also provides a review.

UPDATE: Gabby at Brownstoner asks: "I wonder how much has to do with winter slowdown or if this is a larger trend among the hotel cluster in Gowanus. Are rates also slashed at Holiday Inn Express and Le Bleu?"

Good question. In mid-January, Brownstoner posted a telling history of Le Bleu's rates, which by that point were as low as $136! A quick rate check today shows that Le Bleu has drifted back up. There are a few days where you can book for as low as $216, but the typical web sale promo rate is $270.

The Holiday Inn Express on Union Street, as of today, is offering discount rates ranging from $270 - 349.

We checked in with TripAdvisor to see how everyday travelers ranked Brooklyn hotels. Here's what came up:

Brooklyn's Top-Rated Hotels

(Top photo courtesy Comfort Inn's web site. Bottom photo from Google Maps.)


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Can you say - "hot sheet motel"

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why do so many people commit suicide at cheap hotels?