Sunday, February 3, 2008

Trader Joe's to Open 'Late Spring?'

Trader Joe's Alert(s): A Trader Joe's tipster (see Erin Freeley's comment here) wrote "we can expect the doors to open in late spring." (On the other hand, a tipster to the Cobble Hill Blog said, "I work for TJ’s at 14th st store and we were officially told the store is not coming.")

UPDATE here.

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ErinFreeley said...

It's possible that TJ's informed employees after I got my information but if you go to the Trader Joe's website and click on locations, it opens up Google Maps, which lists a 130 Court Street location as "Coming Soon."

Nick Naeme said...

There are two big vaults in the basement that have to be dealt with. (And the ghost.)

Anonymous said...

the real rumor is: chb looking for some linkage?

Anonymous said...

I think TJs would do much better along 3rd avenue in Gowanus, more space, easier parking, cheaper rent.

Anonymous said...

You're only thinking of yourself.