Friday, February 22, 2008

Boerum Hill's 'Toxic School' Head: Saint or Flim-Flam Man?

Something smells at Boerum Hill's infamous "toxic preschool" (the Brooklyn Children's Academy Preschool at 25 Dean Street). The headmaster is either a nice guy who is definitely gonna pay back all those parents real soon -- or a shady flim-flam man.

In Brooklyn Eagle's latest installment of this weird story, the head of the school, Andy Lewis, claims: "We’re processing checks as we speak. The CPA is working on it.”

Meanwhile paperwork obtained by the Eagle shows that Lewis's BBCC (Better Broolyn Community Center, the umbrella non-profit) has affiliated itself "with a seemingly unrelated Long Island-based limited liability company called Blank Lane Farms in Water Mill, N.Y." So while parents were sending unanswered emails and and begging the Borough President for help, Lewis was reorganizing? Transferring assets? What?

A few more quotes:

Leticia James: “I don’t know if the parents will be reimbursed fully."

Parents and teachers, owed thousands of dollars: "“I guess this guy is going to walk clean and free. Must be nice, right? To get away with that much money that you can just walk away with.”

Internal Revenus Service: Get In Touch.

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