Friday, March 7, 2008

Odd Grass Strips at Cadman Plaza Park

These odd strips of brown grass line the running path (facing south) at Cadman Plaza Park in Brooklyn Heights/Downtown Brooklyn.

In January the Park's Department planted these strips of sod alongside the path around much of the park. Whoever did the job drove their truck all over the existing grass when they put down a layer of earth to go under the sod.

Here's a couple of photos of the deep ruts left in the grass by the truck as they worked on the new sod in January. We hope everything recovers.

Photos by MK Metz


Anonymous said...

Now you know why field turf was better for the infield...did you report this to anyone?

jon said...

Why is it the Parks Department is allowed to drive all over the real grass but not the Astroturf? When the "Dustbowl" was made of real grass, the Parks Department allowed news vans, garbage trucks, equipment trucks for events and police cars to drive on it any time they wanted, causing ruts and grass and tree root damage. Now they don't allow the same thing on the plastic grass.

Anonymous said...

This has happened many, many times, and official complaints have repeatedly been made to the Parks Department. See this letter written by an arborist to the Brooklyn Eagle:
"I have filed three official complaints regarding these gross offenses. Citations have been written by Brooklyn Forestry, but never served by Capital...." (paste this address back together):