Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Running of the Eggs at Brooklyn Bridge Park

There was an audible rumble in Dumbo Saturday morning when thousands of kids and their supervisors stampeded through the Main Street gates of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

It was the fourth annual Spring Fling Egg Hunt and the Conservancy really got the publicity out this year -- families from all over Brooklyn (and probably Manhattan as well) lined up for miles (well, it looked liked miles -- see below) well before the 11:15 a.m. opening.

We're told that volunteers hid over 15,000 eggs. McBrooklyn saw one of the ten special golden eggs (finders got a gift basket from Jacques Torres), but we left it for one of the chocolate-covered little ones to find. This year Half Pint Citizens hid special gift eggs as well.

All 15,000 eggs were wiped out within 15 minutes of the start. Above you can see the first wave of kids stockpiling eggs while the bulk of the crowd hasn't yet made it through the gate.

Band AudraRox (Audra Tsanos) rocked the kids, and National Grid gave away hundreds of those little rainbow-colored kites that everyone was flying up on the hill near the beach.

The crowd (note the one child, below, getting crushed up front) went wild for the free Frisbees and mini-beach balls given away by Equinox.

Lots of other organizations did other nice things -- see the BBPC Web site for all the details.

UPDATE: The Brooklyn Eagle reports that the event drew more than 10,000 participants! Brooklyn Eagle

Photos by MK Metz

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