Tuesday, March 25, 2008

View From Demolished Pier 1 in Brooklyn Not Exactly Breathtaking, But It Will Do

The New York Times reported Monday that "For the first time in decades, visitors to the north side of Brooklyn’s Pier 1 can see something breathtaking." They were referring to the skyline view that appeared after the demolition of the pier, preparatory to the construction of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

McBrooklyn couldn't wait to see the breathtaking view so we rushed right down to the foot of Fulton Ferry Landing. Here's what we saw (above).

Okay, maybe it's not exactly breathtaking, but you can see a bunch of buildings you couldn't see before, because Pier 1 (emblazoned with the motto "Brooklyn Works"), as of last week, was in the way.

Still, you have to have a pretty good imagination to picture the verdant meadows and playing fields that may someday take the place of the old industrial pier buildings.

The Times says that the first two piers should be completed by next year.

Photo by MK Metz
Draft courtesy of Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy


Anonymous said...

In addittion to the demolished Pier 1 one can also view the progress the Park is making. Over Twelve beautiful mature healthy trees were destroyed along the eastern boarder of the Furman St fence line just weeks before they would start to bloom.
I'm sure this heinous act can be explained.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it can be explained by the hundreds of new tree plantings that will occur as a result of building the park? But I guess the eco-friendly person you are would rather see 12 tree's survive instead of a lush park being built.

Anonymous said...

Mulch obliged.