Sunday, March 30, 2008

Williamsburg Stand-Up Comedy Airs on BCAT

Jennifer Dziura is a comedian, writer and blogger who produces the stand-up comedy show at Pete's Candy Store and co-hosts (with singer bobbyblue) the Williamsburg Spelling Bee.

Can't get out? Now you have options.

BCAT (Brooklyn Community Access Television) sent us an email to let us know that the comedy show will now be airing on Mondays at midnight (actually Tuesday) on Time Warner Cable Channel 56 and Cablevision Channel 69.

BCAT says: "Dziura, who bills herself as a 'nerd queen' and a purveyor of 'grammatically correct comedy' runs a tight show featuring five comics per episode. While comedy clubs often cater to tourists and cater the humor towards macho, mainstream male consumers, Dziura's room has just as many female as male comedians, and is more likely to feature jokes about the Spanish Armada, participial phrases, and the idiocy of political conservatives."

See BCAT for more.

(BTW, there's a sample of Jennifer's work on Timothy McSweeny's blog that we think is hilarious -- especially, for some reason, since the securities market implosion. Entitled “A Memo to My New Boyfriend. Re: Clarification of Offer Pursuant to Exchange and Security Commission Regulations and Also My Trouble With Monogamy,” it starts:

Dear New Boyfriend,

This memorandum is in reference to last night's meeting, during which I offered to "love you forever, no matter what." Hopefully, this memo will serve to clarify that statement, and to define its terms so as to make the offer specific and practicable...”)

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