Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Long Island College Hospital in Big Trouble

Is your doctor affiliated with Long Island College Hospital (LICH) in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn?

Try to stay healthy.

Many of the hospital’s doctors and their political allies leveled serious accusations at a rally outside the hospital Monday, according to the Brooklyn Eagle.
They accused the hospital’s parent body, Continuum Health Partners, of financial mismanagement and leaving the hospital in a precarious position. Some are worried that the hospital, sucked dry, will fold like five other clinics closed by Continuum.
The complaint alleges inadequate financial records, and points to growing losses by LICH -- $15.89 million in 2006, $21.7 milion in 2007, and a projected loss of as much as $35 million in 2008.
What happened to the fabulous $140 million bequest to LICH by the late Dr. Donald Othmer in 1995? Down the tubes, according to the doctors.
More here: LICH Doctors Say Parent Co. Shortchanges Their Hospital
- Sucking Long Island College Hospital Dry


Philip said...

No wonder my Doctor left LICH abruptly and moved over to Methodist.

Anonymous said...

mcbrooklyn--if lich is such a mess, why is the brooklyn not so soaring eagle just getting around to telling us??? Would have thought that the selling of realestate would have triggered some questions,
just asking?

mcbrooklyn said...

Actually, they did, in January. (glue this address together)

In The Neighborhood said...

They are always blaming the numbers. It has always been about the money- but what about the care? The moral is so low at LICH that the staff appear more depressed than the patients. It takes two hours to get tylenol and forget about getting labs drawn.