Wednesday, June 25, 2008

McBrooklyn Photo of the Day: Joseph Ades -- NYC's Most Successful Street Vendor

While McBrooklyn is out of town for a week or two, we decided this would be a good time to publish some of our favorite photos. Some have been published before, but others never made it to the blogosphere.

Today's "photo" is a video of Joseph Ades: possibly the most successful street vendor ever in the history of New York City. Born in England but with a voice that recalls Australia, Joseph Ades is a living legend.

Many have sought Mr. Ades but could not find him. So McBrooklyn shot a video of this amazing salesman at work.

For more, see here.

UPDATE: Gawker had just named Mr. Ades as NYC's top eccentric. See here.


Philip said...

I bought one of this guy's peelers over a dozen years ago and it's the best kitchen tool I have ever had. . .

Anonymous said...

I have a funny feeling I bought some type of cleaner from him when I first came to New York. I knew the cleaner was just typical, but he did such a job of selling it I just had to buy it.