Friday, June 27, 2008

The Waterfall Things: Squint

Hi all. We got back to Brooklyn just in time to see the waterfalls.

We want to believe, but we are conflicted. On the one hand, from land, they appear more like leaky scaffolding than waterfalls (as in top photo, shot from Empire State Park, north of the Brooklyn Bridge). It looks like DOT is getting ready to sandblast the bridge. Which is probably a good idea, considering the condition of the bridge.

On the other hand, you get a different perspective from the south side, where you can see two of the waterfalls at once (photo below).

It hit us that there could be a whiff of majesty to the things. You just have to sort of squint.

And believe.

- The Brooklyn Waterfall Package
- Giant Waterfall Grid Grows Under Brooklyn Bridge

Photos by MK Metz


Anonymous said...

I thought it odd that Bloomberg seemed to expect that these would boost tourism revenue significantly. I, too, am very underwhelmed by them.

bj said...

I liked the cows better.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't giant asparagus make the "green" New York point better?