Thursday, January 22, 2009

Downtown Brooklyn's Rose Walkway Released From Judges' Grasp

The Rose Walkway, the main thoroughfare of Brooklyn Borough Hall's Columbus Park, has recently been reopened to the public.

The walkway had been taken over for several months (since October 2, 2008) by judges for parking while a lot next to the Supreme Court building was being renovated.

While pedestrians stewed, armed guards stood behind fences, guarding judges' cars.

"Teachers lost their parking spaces. Why should the judges get special privileges? This is our park," said one woman. The Brooklyn Heights Association agreed, saying they were "outraged."

The judges saw no problem, however. "I'm sure it's an inconvenience, but I'm sure everybody's going to be happy in the long run," Administrative Judge Abe Gerges told the Daily News.

Judges Give Finger to Downtown Brooklyn, Take Over Columbus Park for Parking Lot

Photos by MK Metz

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