Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Famous Brooklyn Bait-and-Switch Camera Store Scam Busted?

One of the longest running scams in the electronics business started in Brooklyn storefronts and has now spread across the Net, according to ComputerWorld.

This is the famous Brooklyn bait-and-switch camera store scam. It works like this:

"The store advertises expensive cameras at prices hundreds of dollars below retail. When you call to order the camera, the salesperson patiently explains you'll have to pay extra for batteries, memory cards, power cords, manuals, etc. By the time you're done adding 'extras,' you've paid more than if you'd bought it from a legitimate retailer who sold you the complete package. If you say 'No thanks, I'll just take the camera,' you'll find it's suddenly and indefinitely out of stock. If you cancel your order or complain, you get an earful of abuse and even physical threats . . . "

Now, the state of Texas has brought charges against two of the worst offenders. Read here for more.

Photo by Pointnshoot, Creative Commons license

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