Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Mysterious Disappearing 'Drug Dealing Russians,' and More Brooklyn Briefs

- New York's phone and Internet unemployment claims system started to buckle on Monday afternoon and was out of service completely for part of Tuesday -- while as many as 10,000 people per hour tried to get in. ABC News via NY Magazine

- Are rents actually getting cheaper in Brownstone Brooklyn? Many commenters on Brownstoner have their doubts. Brownstoner

- We didn't know you could get pho on Atlantic Avenue! A Brooklyn Life

- What the heck is that silvery mass growing out of the bottom of a Sunset Park building? Best View in Brooklyn

- Did the New York Times really screw up their Real Estate Classified section? Brownstoner

- The city has drastically revised its Red Hook waterfront plans. Brooklyn Eagle

- A Stop Work Order was issued at 192 Water Street in Dumbo -- that's the one with residential, a theater and a gallery. DumboNYC

- Were a group of drug dealing Russians arrested in Gerritsen Beach last weekend? Why isn't anybody talking? Gerritsen Beach

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