Friday, January 23, 2009

The Hit and Run Sledder of Park Slope, and More Brooklyn Briefs

- A distinguished panel of professionals who served on President Obama’s transition team will talk about their experiences, provide critical information and take questions from the audience on Sunday, Jan. 25 at First Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn. Brooklyn Eagle

- Everybody seems to like Billy Sunday's, the new BBQ joint on Lincoln, that just opened its doors. But is $7 too much for a beer? Hawthorne Street via NY Magazine

- Obama gets to keep his Blackberry! (His email, according to the NY Times, is “” ) Huffington Post

- The hit and run sledder of Park Slope has been partially identified. And it's a dad . . . and a creep. Gowanus Lounge

- Thank God we didn't win our bid to host the 2012 Olympics! England "won," and who's going to pay for it? NY Magazine

- English schoolgirls are told their hair is too blond: they must dye it brown or be banned from school. Daily Mail via Huffington Post

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