Monday, November 21, 2011

City Tries to Slow Down Prospect Park Cyclists; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- After tragic bike-pedestrian collisions in Prospect Park, including two that left women with severe brain injuries, the city is trying to slow down cyclists. NY Times

- More than 350 people made history in Prospect Park Sunday by taking part in the first-ever Brooklyn-only marathon. NY1

- Married father of three shot inside Bushwick tire shop Sunday. NY Daily News

- New York police arrested Jose Pimentel, 27, on suspicion of building a pipe bomb to blow up Post Officers and US soldiers. Reuters  Odd: The FBI declined to take this case several times, a commenter tells Gawker.

- Not super: The 12-member congressional budget "super committee" has failed to reach a deal. Expect economic chaos. Reuters

- Nearly all new mobile malware is targeted at Android phones. Popular: Trojans that collect personal information, steal money and record phone conversations and forwards them to the attacker. TechCrunch

- Egypt justifies its brutal crackdown on protesters by saying they are just following America's example. Gawker

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