Monday, November 7, 2011

KiwiSweat Popped Up in DUMBO, Briefly

We were surprised to find a gym with cycling equipment at 81 Front Street (Gair Building No. 6) over the weekend. It turns out that KiwiSweat pop-up gym was only there from Thursday till Sunday (yesterday) for an exercise "experience."

KiwiSweat says they use the “pop-up” model to keep their fitness content amazing. "Because we focus on short-term individual events, we’re constantly reinventing ourselves. This allows us to integrate the latest fitness trends, feature the best instructors, and respond immediately to customer feedback."

Details regarding pop-up locations and schedule are kept secret until they are released online a few weeks before the event begins. KiwiSweat says they get the hottest instructors, and people pay per class with no membership fees. (More at DumboNYC.)

Next stop: Invisible Dog, from November 17th - November 20th.

Photo by MK Metz

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