Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Occupy Wall Streeters Without Sleeping Bags or Tents? It's Time For Creative Solutions

Yesterday the 1% burst into Zuccotti Park in Manhattan and arrested Occupy Wall Street demonstrators, confiscating sleeping bags, tents and cook stoves. Apparently Mayor Bloomberg thinks that this will make the unhappy and unwashed 99% just go home.

But creative solutions may be applied to the problem! Take the happy camper above, wearing the Selk’Bag -- a "Wearable Sleeping Bag which is Ideal for Camping in Extreme Cold," according to Gizmag. Breaking no rules, Mr. Mayor, because the Selk’Bag is clothing!

What other creativity can be applied to spending a winter in a park with no cooking, tents or sanitation? All these items can be shoved into your backpack:

Sanitation first! Under that Selk'Bag you'll be wearing your astronaut diaper, at least until you can get to McDonalds. Technically it's called a Maximum Absorbency Garment (MAG). A MAG is the diaper astronauts use during long operations. See Wikipedia.

You'll need warm hands to draw up protest signs and hand out flyers. Get these HeatMax Hot Hands at Amazon.

Next, you'll need some hot meals. How about HeaterMeals, "The Original Self-Heating Meal." With tasty 12 ounce entrees, "HeaterMeals® are the #1 mobile hot meal choice for emergency response or as part of an emergency kit, outdoor recreation activities, or just whenever you're hungry!"

No electricity or generators? Light up the night with K Light Solar Lanterns. Approximately the size and weight of a can of soda, thesolar-charging battery and bright, energy-efficient light-emitting diodes (LEDs) makes the K-Light a protest-ready piece of equipment.

Most important of all: travel-size 8-inch Djembe drums for those all-important, non-stop, migraine-producing drum circles.

There are probably many other solutions to the problem -- short of taking over Gracie Mansion while the Mayor is in Bermuda this weekend ... ho ho ho, just joking, Mayor!

Any serious creativity out there?

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