Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Seven Different Proposals To Build Huge Hotel and Residential Complex In Brooklyn Bridge Park

Seven developers have submitted proposals to build a hotel and residential complex next to Pier 1 in Brooklyn Bridge Park, according to the Brooklyn Eagle, Wall Street Journal and others.

The seven proposals came from Dermot, Extell, RAL, SDS, Starwood Capital Group, Toll Brothers and Two Trees.

Above is an overhead view of Dermot's proposal. (Click to see it larger.) Below is the same project, as seen from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

While we like aspects of several of the proposals, they all seem shockingly massive compared to the park itself. For example, the proposal by SDS, below, looks like a terminal building from JFK airport.

Below is the proposal from Two Trees. The grass growing up the wall seems like a nice touch.

The deadline for public comment is December 22. Construction completion is estimated to be 2015.

You can see all of the proposals here.

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Anonymous said...

Not one good one, best leave it a park. No need to block the views so the rich can have a place to stay.

Nice touch indeed.

Anonymous said...

The worst part is that these samples of architecture are so generic and can be any where. Dubai to Miami or a Mid western airport? What says Brooklyn and not the developer?

Anonymous said...

Some one get rid of the bridge in the first rendering?

mcbrooklyn said...

In the first rendering, the bridge would be just off screen to the left.

Anonymous said...

Why did they knock down the nice row of warehouse buildings that occupied that site? They beautiful. A real feeling of Brooklyn and its waterfront past. A real loss.

Anonymous said...

heh heh see what yr doing

Anonymous said...

MASSIVE! What's going to happen to traffic at Fulton Ferry Landing?