Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mysterious, Glowing Well in Cadman Plaza Park

If looked at from the right angle and at the right time of day (mid- to late-afternoon when the sun is shining), Leonard Ursachi's "Well" -- a water-blue acrylic resin sculpture with a giant wooden bucket and rope-wrapped lever -- glows from within in a fetching, fairy tale kind of way. (The plastic water bottles embedded in the well's blue acrylic bricks kind of derail the illusion, but anyway.)

The well is meant to be suggestive of a traditional rural well with all of its mythic iconography. Ursachi made the wellhead’s base, bucket, and lever from wood he salvaged from the East River.

More details at the Department of Parks' Public Arts Program.

Photo by MK Metz

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it does kind of glow. I think the water bottles are cool -- like bringing water to the well, or maybe a reminder of how we waste our resources. Anyway, it made me smile.

mcbrooklyn said...

Since we posted this a number of people told us they really like the well.

Anonymous said...

Great place to stand during the Occupy thing.