Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Brooklyn's Downtown Building Boom Could Be a Disaster

Brooklyn Eagle's Dennis Holt has done a little counting and has come up with some scary figures:

Within a 2-square-mile area that includes the Downtown Brooklyn core and part of Fort Greene, 7,362 new residential units will soon be going up. (This does not count City Point or the Atlantic Yards residential units, he notes.)

"It can safely be said that Downtown Brooklyn can expect an invasion of from 15,000 to 20,000 new residents in a rather small area that was never designed for such a number of people," he says. Telephone lines, gas mains, water mains, schools, retail services, bus routes, traffic patterns -- were all designed for a much smaller population.

We could be looking at a planning nightmare, he warns. More here.

Photo courtesy Google Earth

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Anonymous said...

You also left out that the area was never designed for such bad architecture.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone at DOE thought about this? Schools are already bursting at the seams.