Tuesday, February 21, 2012

'Mob Daughter' Causing Consternation on Staten Island

Brooklyn-born Karen Gravano, daughter of Sammy "the Bull" Gravano, will read from her recently released ghost-written memoir "Mob Daughter" next week at the Barnes & Noble store in Staten Island.

Her dad, the former Gambino hitman (underboss to John Gotti) testified against members of his crime family in exchange for a 20-year sentence.

SILive commenters, criticizing Staten Island's "garbage culture," are heaping criticism on Gravano and the whole Staten Island mob fascination thing. "Barns and Noble should be shamed for letting scum like that go there," wrote a commenter that calls her/himself Janmar74.

Many say they hope that no one shows up for the reading. Says Threesaints: "Unfortunately our culture celebrates the family of a psychopathic mass murderer. I hope the Advance covers the reading. They should print the names and show of the faces of the people who come to pay homage. Maybe then we can see who really support these lowlifes."

IceBRINK says: "I thought the dump was closed? What is even more ridiculous is that Staten Islanders will show up, watch this program and emulate this type of lifestyle... and then go to church on Sunday. What a mess we are."

A suggestion from Matsuiocn12: "Wouldn't it be interesting if the families and friends of the 19 admitted murder victims showed up . . ."

Several commenters, on the other hand, criticize Karen's father not for his admitted crimes, but for being a "rat":
"Hey darling, you're dad was a RAT, and you are proud of that?? You should go back in hiding eating your cheese," said Shackisland1.

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