Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Place for Game Nerds; PCBs in Carroll Gardens Schools; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- The head of one of Brooklyn's poorest hospitals -- Wyckoff -- rejects the merger he helped engineer. Brooklyn Eagle . . . Meanwhile, Brookdale University Hospital in Brownsville is so broke workers bring their own toilet paper to work. Gothamist

- Late Brooklyn art star Basquiat signed paintings with invisible ink. L Magazine

- DOE approved a new middle school for Brooklyn Heights' popular P.S. 8, and it's going into the Westinghouse HS building on Tillary Street. Brooklyn Eagle

- A gaming salon has opened in Carroll Gardens for game nerds -- as in board games. Ten bucks buys you four hours of play, no Internet connection required. Brokelyn

- The body of a woman stuffed into a laundry bag was found in a vacant lot in Brownsville. An 83-year-old man who lives across the street said, "It happens so often around here that when you see one, it don’t bother me nothing." NY Daily News

- Carroll Gardens parents charge city is giving them the run-around over PCBs. Brooklyn Eagle

- Crazy killer Maksim Gelman proposed to Kim Kardashian as he was sentenced yesterday. 25 years added to his sentence. NY Daily News

- Apple allows app developers to download and store the private address books of iPhone users -- phone numbers, emails and addresses. Gizmodo

- A pound of sperm whale poop is worth $10,000. Huff Post

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