Friday, February 3, 2012

TSA Agent Steals $5,000 from Passenger at JFK: Money Missing

What a surprise! Another TSA agent at JFK airport -- one of the folks that rifles through your luggage and gropes your private parts -- was caught stealing cash from a passenger's jacket after it was put on the X-ray conveyor belt. This time the TSA agent got $5,000.

According to the Wall Street Journal, surveillance video showed the agent -- a woman who lives in Brooklyn -- stealing the money from a jacket pocket, wrapping the money in a plastic glove and taking it to a bathroom. Now the cash is missing -- likely passed off to another TSA agent.

While WSJ provides a lengthy list of recent thefts by TSA agents at airports around the US, the official statistics don't begin the touch on the huge amount of thievery the TSA gets away with. Searches of TSA agents' homes have uncovered piles of cell phones, iPads, jewelry and electronic games. Here  Here  Here Here

TSA agents steal cameras from professional photographers and jewelry from movie stars. Here  They steal cell phones from elderly flyers. They steal Christmas presents. Here They steal birthday money from kids' gym bags. 

An amazing number of the poorly paid and poorly trained misfits who grope your children are rapists (Here) (Here) or have computers at home filled with child pornography. Here  Here  Here They even strip-search elderly women. Here Here

According to Wikipedia, 11,700 theft and damage claims were reported to the TSA in 2009. In 2008 in Pittsburgh, despite over 400 reports of baggage theft, about half of which the TSA reimbursed passengers for, not a single arrest had been made. According to the NY Post, Port Authority Police supervisors manipulated figures by pressuring cops to record larcenies as "lost property" cases.

If you fill out multiple layers of paperwork, include receipts, and wait about eight months, you will get a partial refund for your stolen laptop, cell phone or other missing items. Of course, you'll be refunded with taxpayer dollars, your own money.

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