Friday, February 17, 2012

Fat School Kids; New Supermarket; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- A man was shot in Williamsburg yesterday. Gothamist

- Agreement on teacher evaluations reached, and it's pretty much what the teachers have been suggesting for months. Brooklyn Eagle

- America's super-sized kids are needing super-sized school desks. Gawker

- Williamsburg's Edge getting a supermarket. Brooklyn Paper

- If you got a check in the mail with a letter informing you that you have won big bucks in the lottery, state Sen. Marty Golden has some bad news for you. The check is a fake and you didn't really win. Brooklyn Eagle

- Couples composed of one white person plus one Asian person have the highest incomes. NY Magazine

- Scientists have worked out the minimum amount of exercise you can get away with in order to get fit. Gizmodo

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