Monday, February 6, 2012

Floor Collapses Outside Slave Theater; 90-Year-Old Doc Back to Work; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Brooklyn "Devil Spawn" teacher may get her job back. NY Daily News

- Woman seriously injured after smashing her car into scaffolding at State and Boerum Place in Downtown Brooklyn Sunday. NY Post

- Four people were injured at a rave at the Slave Theater on Fulton Street when the deck floor collapsed. NY Post

- The city is paying no attention to its own school “report card” and is moving ahead with plans to close an A-rated high school in Brooklyn. Brooklyn Eagle

- 90-year-old Brooklyn doctor back to work after new type of heart valve replacement. NY Daily News

- No jail time for cop who planted drugs on Coney Island couple. Brooklyn Eagle

- Transgender woman arrested for minor violation chained to fence, mocked for 28 hours. Jezebel

- American Red Cross fined nearly $10 million for blood safety violations -- just the latest of more than a dozen fines. Propublica

- Obscene salaries at Komen for the Cure, and only 21 percent of donations go towards finding "the cure." Alternet

- U.S. issues travel warning to Americans about extreme Orthodox Jewish violence in Israel. Failed Messiah

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Stan. said...

did you just link to alternet? really?

mcbrooklyn said...

Sounded funny to me too but they did have a good story.