Thursday, March 1, 2012

This Is Why We're Deleting Our Twitter Account

While McBrooklyn never published over Twitter as much as some blogs, we did, from time to time, send out a tweet if something big was happening.

Those days are over. Why? Today we read on RT that Twitter has sold billions of archived tweets believed by their creators to have vanished forever.

According to RT,  the UK-based DataSift firm has bought every tweet posted since January 2010. The business intelligence and data-mining platform will be the first company to offer the archive for sale to entrepreneurs who can't wait to get their hands on Tweeters' individual data.

DataSift owns what it calls “an invaluable information source” with 250 billion tweets posted in 2010 alone.

We just now closed out account. It takes 30 days for data to be removed from the system.

Photo by Josh Semans, Creative Commons license

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Eli Mergel said...

You mean they are doing what google does with this blog!

Anonymous said...

So, you're upset that someone got a chance to read your publicly published tweets? Tweets that you want people to read?

mcbrooklyn said...

No, we are protesting because this information will be combined with other information in the database and used by advertisers, banks, employers, insurance companies and anyone who pays. This bit of protest is not about us -- very minor Twitter users -- but for people who tweeted during protests and civil unrest. Their names, locations and opinions will be sold to the highest bidder, including their country's secret police.