Thursday, March 29, 2012

Solutions for Public Place: One Involves a 'Hydrokinetic Bridge'

Public Place, the area once known as Citizens Gas Works, a manufactured gas site, is a highly contaminated plot of land along the Gowanus Canal, bordered by Smith, 5th, and 9th Streets in Carroll Gardens. 

The Hudson Companies' idea for the Public Place site.
An extensive cleanup plan is unfolding, and the Hudson Companies is apparently working with the city to create a park at the site. But people have been brainstorming different approaches anyway. Here's one just unveiled Monday -- Plan “Rebuild Public Place Greener” (R.P.P.G.) hopes to provide clean energy, efficient housing and fresh produce, and build a bridge as well.

R.P.P.G. proposes building a "High Line-esque" bridge crossing the Gowanus Canal from Public Place to a redeveloping side street. According to the blog "Our 2030 Plan," the authors would "creatively slope the Gowanus Canal to make our hydrokinetic bridge."

"Attached at the bottom of the bridge are two hydrokinetic wheels to power the redesigned Public Place and hopefully the neighborhood. Although the Gowanus may not move very fast, we will strategically slope this part of the Canal so that way we will create a maximum amount of electricity."

If you want to brainstorm ideas too, attend the Public Voice. Public dream. Public Place: A Collaborative Mural Making Workshop to come up with "creative solutions for Public Place," which will take place  at Old Stone House, 336 Third Street, Park Slope, on April 28, from 5 –7 p.m. The event is sponsored by CORD.

Top photo by MK Metz; rendering by Hudson Companies

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Anonymous said...

Interesting idea. Though the apartment building in the photoshopped file is a sign that this projects design will not be very good. That type of architecture is bottom of the barrel. It could be any where any city. Cheap is the code word.