Friday, March 9, 2012

Drunk Runs Down Woman; Shut Down Amnesia; Momofuko Coming? And More Brooklyn Briefs

- Intoxicated man driving in Brooklyn without license runs down 69-year-old-woman, flees, is tailed by a witness and arrested by police. CBS

- City's new livery cabs (the kind you will be able to hail legally) will probably all be green. Gothamist

- CB 10 recommends that Amnesia, scene of drunken, vomit-filled parties, be denied a cabaret license. Brooklyn Eagle

- Mounting evidence of CompStat statistics-tampering by NYPD, as city fails to disclose finding of investigation. NY Times

- "4 or 5 cop-like people walk out the front door of the Montauk Club. Then the fun started... 2 more guys came out behind them with guns and shot at them and then got shot and fell off the side of the stair case." WYDNKBYANM

- Is Carroll Gardens getting a Momofuku Milk Bar? Brooklyn Eagle

- Stolen $1,400 puppy returned to Brooklyn pet store. Gothamist

- New York Community Bank sells Bed-Stuy distressed mortgages at 50 percent discount. TRD

- New Yorkers were treated to a giant, gold naked man on the back of a flatbed truck Tuesday. Huff Post

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