Monday, March 5, 2012

500 Jurors for Gangster Trial; Atheist Billboard; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Atheists plan to put billboards in Brooklyn (and Patterson, of all places) that say God is a myth. The Brooklyn sign will be printed in Hebrew. CBS

- 500 prospective jurors will report today to federal court in Brooklyn for the upcoming trial of two Colombo gangsters. The potential jurors names will be kept secret. NY Daily News

- Huge new apartment building planned for Greenpoint, a block from polluted Newtown Creek. Brooklyn Paper

- The Grandparent Scam; the Lottery Scam; The Toilet Paper Scam: Brooklyn prosecutors target criminals who scam the elderly. Brooklyn Eagle

- Gentrification has made South Brooklyn unrecognizable. Business Insider

- Ornamental kale: the cabbage that's eating Brooklyn Heights. BHB

- A woman with an antique dagger in her bag managed to get past TSA screeners at JFK Airport. Gothamist

- It is sooo easy to hack an electronic voting system. Gizmodo

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