Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Brooklyn Flowers Blooming Too Damn Early

Brooklyn Heights' residents are setting out spring flower boxes already. MK Metz
Flowers are blooming all over Brooklyn, and today's high is predicted to be 58 degrees. Only problem is, it's March 7 and it's been weirdly warm almost all winter.

Daffodils and snowdrops are popping up all over Brooklyn. Tulip greens have been spotted. Trees across Brooklyn have buds. The cherry tree by Brooklyn Borough Hall has had blossoms already.

Premature flowering by iris and crocus on Joralemon Street in Brooklyn Heights and quince in Cadman Plaza Park has horticulturists worrying that the plants’ pollination and life cycles may suffer, notes the Brooklyn Eagle.

At the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG), the Asiatic dogwoods and the Cornelian cherries are budding now, about two weeks ahead of schedule. Snowdrops, daffodils, and crocuses were in full bloom days in advance of Groundhog Day. (mid-February).

And the New York City Department of Parks' official Bloom Guide  confirms that something is way out of whack. Daffodils aren't supposed to be popping up until April. The same goes for quince and tulips.

According to BBG, a hard frost or ice storm could destroy these early buds. While most trees would be able to bounce back from one off-kilter year, too many years in a row would have a greater affect, "since damaged buds affect their fruit yields and ability to propagate. Another factor is the absence of pollinating insects during the crucial window when they’re needed."

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