Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Brooklyn Poet's B-Day Surprise; Stealing Food from Babies; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- From the mouths of babes: Couple admit to stealing $2.7 million in funds meant to feed toddlers at Red Apple day care centers. Brooklyn Eagle

- The real reason Ed Towns hung it up: golf. And the wife. The Local

- Brooklyn poet Tracy K. Smith wins Pulitzer on her birthday. NY Daily News
- GZA, one of the founders of the Wu-Tang Clan, will perform in this year’s Northside Festival in Brooklyn, along with more than 350 other bands. NY Times

- Parents left son in institutions to die, then tried to take settlement money. Brooklyn Eagle

- Is artisanal Brooklyn a step forward for food or a sign of the apocalypse? NY Magazine  (Naturally, DieHipster is having an obscenity-laden fit about this.)

- A veteran fire lieutenant died Monday after battling a blaze at a warehouse in Brooklyn. NY Times

- The Atlantic Yards project is already tarting up the neighborhood. NY Times

- Western wages have plummeted so low that a two-income family is now (on average) 15% poorer than a one-income family of 40 years ago. The Street

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My critique of the Times article on the arena:

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