Monday, April 23, 2012

New Engineering, Science Campus Coming to 370 Jay Street in Downtown Brooklyn

The city has agreed to sponsor a new engineering and applied sciences campus -- the "NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress" (CUSP) -- at the deteriorating MTA building at 370 Jay St. in Downtown Brooklyn.

According to the Brooklyn Eagle, this would be a partnership between NYU and several other universities worldwide — City University of New York, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Toronto, University of Warwick and Indian Institute of Technology Bombay – as well as IBM and Cisco.

The school would accommodate approximately 530 graduate and doctoral students, as well as 50 full-time faculty and about 30 post-doctoral researchers. While the renovated building is not expected to be ready for use until 2017, classes are scheduled to begin next year at Metrotech.

BP Marty Markowitz said Downtown Brooklyn is transforming into a "24-7 city" — and a college town to boot.

See Brooklyn Eagle for more.

Photo NYU via The Real Deal

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Anonymous said...

I think these are the old renderings, no? If I remember there are newer, better rendering that show the 20-30 story addition they are planning to add on to it.

MK said...

I think that was for the other side of the street at the old Jacobs building at Poly.

The above rendering shows what NYU has on their website today as the latest design (hope it changes):

Anonymous said...

Yes you're right. Thank you. I love those Poly renderings. Hope that first phase gets under way soon

Anonymous said...

That's a hugely busy corner, with the subway station underneath and the bus stops on the corner and huge crowds jostling to get past the corner. Has any thought been put into what another couple of hundred / thousand students, staff and faculty will add to the area?