Thursday, April 26, 2012

Popular Brooklyn Restaurants With Weirdly Low Health Inspection Grades

Some restaurants have that "C" feel to them and some don't.

Listed below are a few Brooklyn restaurants that have managed to rack up a surprisingly large number of violation points on their Dept. of Health inspections.

Violation points are given for filth, food held at the wrong temperature, flies and mice, etc. Restaurants with 0 - 13 violation points receive a grade of A; those with 14 - 27 receive a B; and with 28 or more a C.

All of the restaurants below have received a C or an equivalent "Grade Pending," meaning they will be reinspected until they score below 28 or are closed by the Health Department. (There are many more C restaurants in Brooklyn, but their scores probably don't surprise anybody.)

The Dirty Not-Quite Dozen:

- Grimaldi's (1 Front Street): Grade Pending, 30 violation points.

- Jack the Horse Tavern (66 Hicks Street): Grade Pending, 29 violation points

- Ozu Japanese Restaurant ( 78 Clark Street): C, 44 violation points

- Andy's (128 Montague Street): C, 51 violation points

- Rice (81 Washington Street): C, 28 violation points

- St. Ann's Warehouse (38 Water Street): C, 38 violation points

- Habana Outpost (757 Fulton Street): C, 35 violation points

- Tenda Asian Fusian (1734 Sheepshead Bay Road): Grade Pending, 67 violation points!!

- Patricia's Restaurant (35 Broadway): Grade Pending, 42 violation points

Anybody want to add to this list?

Photo by Gravityx9, Creative Commons license

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Anonymous said...

Five Spot Soul Food has a pending grade I believe and if you've ever seen the place you wouldn't be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Almar in DUMBO, great reputation, has grade pending and 23 points