Friday, March 15, 2013

Fourth Night of Brooklyn Protests Over Kimani Gray Shooting

Thursday night. Captnick on Ustream
 Thursday was another scary night in East Flatbush as protesters reacted to the shooting of Kimani Gray by police.

NYPD helicopters reportedly buzzed and officers circled the streets on motorcycles as crowds marched; some were kettled and arrested.

NYPD arrested at least 46 people late Wednesday during the third night of angry protests and some looting. An autopsy showed that Gray, who had a criminal record, was hit by bullets seven times, three times in the back. Cops say he pointed a gun at them and they displayed a gun recovered at the scene.

On Wednesday Councilman Jumaane Williams complained about "outsiders" agitating the community. On Thursday, one of the agitators, Jose LaSalle, of End Stop and Frisk, led half of the marchers off to protest at the Precinct house while Williams "wanted to lead people into a church to have a discussion on the issues they'd been protesting," according to NY Magazine.

Videos on Ustream: Captnick is one videographer who recorded the action on the street marching to the Precinct on Thursday night.

Another, On the Front Lines recorded the community forum (shown below) attended by Williams,  during which a resident said, "The problem we are deal with specifically in this community are these rogue police units that are not bound by boundaries. They come in like ghost riders, they hit up the community, and then they leave. They're not bound by the normal organizational structure of the NYPD . . . The ones that are tied into the special tactical units . . .they come in, terrorize, and leave."

Video streaming by Ustream

The only eye witness told the NY Daily News that Gray did not have a gun.

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