Monday, March 18, 2013

Montague Street Cosplay; Sequester Scare at Lutheran Hospital; and More Brooklyn Briefs

Calko Medical Center
- Protect Brooklyn’s coastline with … Navy ships? [Brooklyn Paper]

- NYPD cop was arrested on Friday and charged with using a surveillance camera to spy on a young woman in his apartment building. [Gawker]

- Cosplay on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights. [BHB]

- Brooklyn man beaten into coma recovers to finish NYC half-marathon. [Gothamist]

- Orthodox Jewish leaders leaders want a backroom deal in their dangerous circumcision ritual, and mayoral candidate Thompson appears to be willing to play. [Failed Messiah]

- Sequester scare hits Brooklyn's Lutheran HealthCare system. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- Grand opening of the Calko Medical Center (shown above) at 6010 Bay Parkway on Wednesday. The doctors/owners say their system will be more efficient and save money. 

- NYPD will now run background checks on domestic abuse victims. That'll teach 'em! [Gawker]

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