Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Josh Rechnitz's Staircase Is Made of Whalebones and Melted Piano Guts

Josh Rechnitz, from the Hub Blog

Remember Josh Rechnitz, the mysterious rich biker behind the now-cancelled Brooklyn Bridge Park Velodrome?

Josh has recently been working on fixing up the nearly-toxic Gowanus Batcave and turning it into art studios. Gothamist has the whole, crazy history of the Batcave, well worth a read.

But what caught our eye at the bottom of the story . . . A little detail about a staircase in Rechnitz's house, as described by Gowanus Ballroom owner Josh Young:

"I'm not totally sure what it's [the Batcave] going to look like but Josh Rechnitz is too crazy and out there to do something gross and corporate. I helped the guy put a staircase in his house made entirely of whalebones and melted piano guts."

Hard to get that image out of our brains now.

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