Tuesday, March 26, 2013

If You Want to Get Away with Murder in NYC, Hit Them with Your Car

Photo: Edwin Martinez
Who needs an assault rifle? The way to get away with murder in New York City is to run your target down with your vehicle.

Almost any story -- "I dropped my cell phone;" "I got dizzy" -- will get you off with absolutely no charges. Meanwhile the statistics keep rolling in:

According to Streetsblog, there were 2,942 serious injury crashes involving pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists in 2011, with 250 of them fatal. That’s an average of just under nine per day.

Five motorists jumped the curb and killed pedestrians on the sidewalks of New York this month alone, and no charges were filed, as usual.

These include Martha Atwater, killed by a pickup truck driver on the sidewalk at the corner of Clinton Street and Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn in February.

It has since come out that the driver who ran down Atwater was John McKinney, an ex-con with a history of drug arrests, according to the New York Post.

- Much-Loved Martha Atwater Dies Tragically in Brooklyn Heights

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