Friday, January 24, 2014

Brad Lander, 'Kingmaker'; Rooftop Skateboarding; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- The New York Times discovers Councilmember Brad Lander and pronounces him "King Maker." [NY Times]

- Gov. Cuomo doesn't seem to get it about LICH. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- NY Methodist Hospital says they are seeing an increase in frostbite and other weather-related emergency room cases. [Brooklyn Bureau]

- Video: Rooftop skateboarding around Brooklyn. [Gothamist]
- Williamsburg store owners allowed to demand modest dress code. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- Slammed by food stamp cuts, NYC soup kitchens runs out of food. [Daily Kos]

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Anonymous said...

Gov. Cuomo gets it about LICH all right -- he gets that selling LICH property would be a cash cow that would save SUNY Downstate from their years of mismanagement and his friend who lobbies for Brooklyn Hospital, in that Brooklyn Hospital will get more patients. LICH is a much better hospital than Brooklyn Hospital. Rise up Brooklyn -- don't let Cuomo do this to us! He's worse than Gov. Christie. Sick the contempt court on him and SUNY.

Anonymous said...

We voted for de Blasio because of his stance on LICH. We will vote AGAINST Cuomo because of his!