Monday, January 27, 2014

Some People Are Mad the Super Bowl Is In Cold NJ, and Are Praying That It Snows Hard

Photo: Erik Daniel Drost
Driving through NY's rural upstate over the weekend, we were surprised to hear commenters on a radio call in show (I know, right?) cursing at the stupidity of the Super Bowl committee for holding this year's big event in an open stadium in the North East during the coldest winter in years.

With great venom, one after another called on the Powers That Be to unleash the Blizzard of 2014, along with freezing rain and a polar Sharknado.

While weather forecasting is notoriously fickle, at least one news outlet, CBS Sports, says the initial forecast calls for temperatures between 24 - 38, with a small chance of snow and low winds.

The National Weather Service shows a similar forecast, so far. 

In short, good football weather!

If this forecast holds, so many will be disappointed.

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