Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Trash Saves Woman's Life; Slumlord's Murder a Pro Hit? And More Brooklyn Briefs

- Where dead bodies are now prepared for burial, you may soon be visiting your doctor.  [Brooklyn Eagle]

- Uncollected trash saves Brooklyn woman's life. [NY Magazine]

- Is that a Manhattan courthouse on the Brooklyn DA's website? [Metro]

- Methodist expansion inches ahead in Park Slope. [Brooklyn Paper]

- Was Hasidic slumlord's murder a professional hit? [Failed Messiah

- Judge says no to waste facility at Brooklyn park. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- Brooklyn Children's Museum wants to build a $3.6 million parking lot. [DNAinfo]

- News outlets parrot press release about a barber shop at Barclays, but no one reports about delays in a deal ten times bigger. [Atlantic Yards Report]

- Gov. Cuomo gives his State of the State address today. What NY governor, in his State of the State, said, "Now the times of plenty, the days of wine and roses are over." [City & State]

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