Monday, January 6, 2014

Whole Foods; Murders; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Tale of Two Police Departments: Brooklyn has the most unsolved murders, but gets fewer resources because Manhattan is "where the money is." [NY Daily News]

- Why Whole Goods in Gowanus will be a big success -- but why the Park Slope Food Co-op is better. [WYDNKBYANM]

- Mayor de Blasio staged interviews with citizens who waited for hours in the icy rain on Sunday to see the Mayor's mansion. [Politicker]

- Did you see camels in Brooklyn on Sunday? [Gothamist]

- “We’re in a crisis mode." Brooklyn facing tightest commercial market since WWII. [TRD]

- Tiger Mom says some cultural groups are superior, including Chinese and Mormons. [NY Post]

- Wife of pilot who landed on Bronx highway appears upset . . . about why two other women, not her, were on the plane. [Gothamist]

- NSA spies on members of Congress, too. [Gizmoto]

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