Thursday, February 6, 2014

Our LICH Q & A Pizza Party Was a Bust Last Night in Brooklyn

Photo: MK Metz
So we got together with some friends after work last night to watch BP Eric Adams' big TV Q & A about the developers who resubmitted bids to buy LICH.

We even bought pizza.

Like much about the LICH process, all the real stakeholders had no real involvement. Brooklynites were asked to email or tweet in questions. The developers would then try to answer them.

As pretty much everyone who follows the LICH saga on Twitter knows by now, there was a massive technical snafu and the show never aired. (Here's the whole story.)

We did learn a lot about men's grooming, however, and heard a nifty song about men's genitalia, in which the genitalia were referred to as "onions."

Anybody want any cold leftover pizza?

UPDATE: BCAT says the show will air today. 

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