Wednesday, February 5, 2014

So Much LICH News, Including the One About Catsimatidis

John Catsimatidis, Twitter
 When we last caught up with the farce that is SUNY's attempt to unload Long Island College Hospital (LICH), John Catsimatidis seemed far away . . .

He was such a standout as a Mayoral candidate, we actually miss the guy.

Today we were stunned to learn:

The Cats Is back!

This time, the supermarket king is proposing to buy LICH, and, teaming up with a Chinese-American medical group, keep it running as a smaller full-service hospital. (Plus other commercial, money-making stuff.)

The Catsimatides proposal includes a hospital “starting with 100 inpatient beds, then adding 50 beds per year, up to a maximum of 250 beds.” The project would offer “a medical mixed-use campus including medical services, commercial, retail and residential facilities.”

We know that somehow this whole thing's gonna backfire, but we are enjoying the thought of the big boy himself standing by LICH's front door, greeting patients as they enter, petting his cat . . .

* Other LICH news: Developers submit their second round of bogus bids

* BP Eric Adams can't wait to hear your questions about the LICH land grab. You must email or tweet him by midday Wednesday! Because it's a BIG FAT RUSH! SUNY needs to sell that sucker fast! We got one day, people! RUN RUN RUN RUN

* Brooklyn elected officials call out SUNY. Good work, folks. We will vote for all of you again!

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