Friday, February 21, 2014

SUNY - LICH Deal Is Reached, Details Hinted At But Not Yet Unveiled

Photo: MK Metz, McBrooklyn
A breakthrough agreement had been negotiated between SUNY and the Long Island College Hospital (LICH) community that will result in SUNY issuing a brand new Request for Proposals (RFP) to sell LICH.

LICH is the Cobble Hill hospital that SUNY Dowwnstate got ahold of under false circumstances in 2011, and then tried to flip to developers.

SUNY has been battling a coalition of community groups and unions for a year while trying to run their "rigged" (as electeds say) RFP.

Full details won't be revealed until tomorrow but leaks from the Mayor's Office have it that SUNY will be out of LICH by sometime in May, kneina hura.

Guess #1: The agreement calls for SUNY to do what any reputable organization would have done in the first place withoutt beeingg asked.

Guess #2: For finally doing sometthing honest (and even then only under threat of jail aand fines), the community will drop all the charges agaainst SUNY.

Stay tuned.

SUNY, LICH advocates reach historic hospital deal in Brooklyn

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